Fall Color Video


Wisconsin’s true colors shine in the fall. Color flows through Wisconsin from north to south typically starting in mid-September and ending in October. View this beautiful video from Travel Wisconsin.

Fall Color Video Tour

To see when local reporters are estimating the state’s peak fall colors , check out our Fall Color Report. With 100 fall color reporters providing updates in all 72 counties of the state, there is no other report that is as comprehensive or timely.

17 Ways to Fall in Love with Autumn in Wisconsin


1. Rustic roads and changing leaves: There are 100+ stunning rustic routes to experience in Wisconsin during the fall. Check out our Fall Color Tour Guide:  Fall Color Guide
2. Barn tours: Round up the kids, hit the back roads and enjoy some of Wisconsin’s most beautiful rustic barns set against a brilliantly colorful backdrop.

3. Fall daytrips:  Done the tour by car? Head off the beaten path and take in Wisconsin’s gorgeous fall colors by boat or bike or on foot.

4. Backyard bonfires:  Bonfires may be a year-round leisure here in Wisconsin but there’s just something different about bonfires during the fall.

5. Beer and brats:  Summer barbecues are popular in Wisconsin but grill-outs are still very much a pastime in the fall.

6. Boots, jeans and hoodies:  Wisconsin fashion to be at its best during the fall. Warm, comfy and hassle-free outfits.

7. Hunting and fishing:  Outdoor sportsmen are tuning their bows, trapshooting, and hitting the less-crowded lakes, where the fish bite all day in the fall.

8. Crisp, cool weather:  If you find the word “cool” unsettling, think of it this way: less humidity.

9. Apple Orchards:  Fall’s true mascot, apple orchards provide a wonderful place for kids and kids at heart to enjoy an autumn hayride together, sip some warm apple cider and of course, pick a bucketful of Honey-crisps.

10. Open windows: A light breeze means we can keep our windows open during the fall here in Wisconsin. Just make sure to have a few warm blankets on hand.

11. Pumpkin patches:  Search for the perfect pumpkin at one of Wisconsin’s many pumpkin patches.

12. Tundra swans and Canadian Geese:  Nature is abundant year round in Wisconsin but fall brings us a different set of visitors: Tundra swans and Canada Geese overtake the Badger State during the autumn months.

13. Corn mazes:  Grab a sweatshirt, a decent navigational companion and get lost together at one of Wisconsin’s farm corn mazes.

14. Fall festivals:  Summer is fantastic for festivals but fall just might be the party season in Wisconsin.

15. The food: Ripe cherries, caramel apples, beer cheese soup and pumpkin-flavored everything. (And that’s just a slice of what Wisconsin offers on its fall menu!)

16. The smell: Falling leaves, Maple trees, fresh air and warm apple pie

17. Football:  The unofficial sport of Wisconsin: football! Fields and stadiums across the state light up every Friday night for hometown games. And I love seeing fans gather at local bars and restaurants– adorned in Bucky wear and cheeseheads – to cheer on the Badgers and Packers each weekend.