For more information about Pepin County call toll-free 1-888-672-5709 or contact the Pepin County Tourism Office at 715-672-5709 from Monday – Friday (8:00 am – 4:30 pm).

Chippewa River






From below the dam at Eau Claire to the Mississippi River, 55+ miles of gentle-to-moderate current through Lower Chippewa River Natural Area and some of the most scenic countryside in Wisconsin…wildlife viewing is great; eagle sightings abound!…numerous developed launch sites and pickup points provide trips of one hour to several days…flow is adequate…random portages during dry weather and late on weekends when upriver dams are drawn up…water level subject to occasional rapid rise…lower thirteen miles through semi-wilderness, bottomland hardwood forests of Tiffany Wildlife Area and into backwaters of Upper Mississippi River Wild Life and Fish Refuge.

Red Cedar River






Moderate to swift current from Menomonie to confluence with the Chippewa River…no whitewater…parallels 13+ miles of Red Cedar State Trail…well located launch/pickup sites for day trips…great boat launch and parking facility at Downsville…occasional rapid rise during dam release…variable flow; expect a few portages when low and some fun and surprises during high water…tubing’s good, too!

Buffalo River

Mondovi to Alma, 25 miles of gentle current meandering through beautiful bottomlands… variable flow with numerous portages around logs, occasional fences and shallows…no developed launch sites.

Rush River

Martell to Maiden Rock; better tubing than canoeing…20+ miles of moderate to swift current through deep wooded valley…variable flow with numerous portages for shallows, logs, fences…no developed launch sites, but there’s a large parking lot along the Great River Road near Maiden Rock.

Eau Galle River

Below the dam at Eau Galle to the Chippewa River, five miles of gentle current through rugged, woods & farmland…variable flow with several portages for shallows, logs, fences…no developed launch sites.

Lake Eau Galle

351 acre man-made lake created by hydro-electric dam at Eau Galle…two developed boat ramps with parking areas…some developed shoreline… good fishing…Pineview County Park features swimming, playground & picnic areas, and boat ramp… motorboats allowed.

Lake George

(a.k.a.: “Eau Galle Lake”)
Scenic 150 acre lake formed by one of the largest earthen dams in the Upper Midwest at Spring Valley…part of the Eau Galle Recreation Area, operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Two day-use areas, campgrounds, swimming beach, etc., no other shoreline development …good fishing…electric motors only…
(715) 778-5562

Nugget Lake

Pristine, secluded 116 acre man-made lake northwest of Plum City; part of Nugget Lake County Park and features developed boat ramp and parking, campground, swimming, picnic, playground, etc., no other shoreline development…canoe and rowboat rental available …good fishing and lots of wildlife viewing opportunities… electric motors only…
(715) 639- 5611

Arkansaw Creek Park


This scenic park follows the sparkling waters of Arkansaw Creek for a quarter mile as it rushes through a beautiful sandstone dell located in the town of Arkansaw.

Silver Birch Lake

Quiet 97 acre lake in the Chippewa River floodplain, 2½ mi. south of Arkansaw; Silver Birch County Park – Holden Park Campground feature developed boat ramp, parking, picnic, campground…good fishing and wildlife viewing…some developed shoreline…boats with motors are allowed, but mostly used by fishermen…

Lake Pepin / Mississippi River

This deep, quiet lake, formed by the delta where the Chippewa River flows into the Mississippi, has little or no discernible current…scenic 400 ft. high bluffs stand in stark contrast to the flat surface of the lake…easy paddling near shorelines…rough water further out…be alert to traffic, barge wake, and white caps in heavy weather… also great sailing and water-skiing …several marinas and numerous private and public boat ramps, parking areas, campgrounds, swimming beaches, and other facilities are located at communities around the lake. Down river from the Chippewa’s delta, Big Lake, Beef Slough and backwaters of the Upper Mississippi River Wildlife and Fish Refuge provide abundant wildlife viewing, fishing, hunting, and primitive camping.

Trout Streams

Look no further for a trout-fishing haven. DNR has provided q newly revised trout fishing map of classified trout waters in Pepin County. The classifications are as follows: Class 1 – High quality trout waters that have sufficient natural reproduction to sustain populations of wild trout. Class 2 – Streams in this classification may have some natural reproduction but not enough to utilize available food and space. Therefore, stocking is required to maintain a desirable fishery. Class 3 – These waters are marginal trout habitat with no natural reproduction occurring. They require annual stocking of trout to provide trout fishing.

Launch Sites/Parking

Most developed launch sites have parking areas where vehicles can remain overnight. Launch and pickup can be made at nearly any road crossing. Daytime roadside parking is allowed in most places if the vehicle is completely off the traveled portion of the road. Overnight roadside parking is discouraged for safety and security reasons; contact the County Sheriff’s Office for information.

Food & Beverages

Excellent dining, from gourmet cafes and restaurants to fast food drive-throughs, and well-stocked grocery and/or convenience stores can be found in the communities located on the shores of these waterways and lakes.

Camping – “Carry out everything you carry in!”

In addition to the park campgrounds indicated above, fee camping near the water is available in the Village Parks at Maiden Rock and Stockholm and Rieck’s Park at Alma. Free overnight camping is allowed at Morsbach Landing near Ella and, with permission of the Department of Natural Resources, in the Tiffany Wildlife Area (608-685-6222). Camping on shorelines, stream banks, and other private property should be done only with landowner permission.

Canoe / Kayak Rentals

  • Corral Bar & Riverside Grill , Durand, (715)672-8874
  • Red Cedar Outfitters, Menomonie, (715)235-3866 or toll-free1-866-831-7451
  • Riverland Outfitters, Alma, (608)385-4351
  • Riverside Bike and Skate, Eau Claire (715)835-0088